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Maple Ridge Developments
c/o Yagar Developments Inc.

3249 Eastgate Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan S4Z 1A4
Tel: 306-789-0891
Fax: 306-775-2973
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gilory homes
3890 Eastgate Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4Z 1A5
Tel: 306-789-6080
Fax: 306-558-7882
varsity homes
3231 Eastgate Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4Z 2V9
Tel: 306-525-2329
Fax: 306-525-908
fiorante homes
2370 2nd Ave.
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4R 1A6
Tel: 306-569-3456
Fax: 306-775-0340
sthamann homes
2210 E. Emmett Hall Road
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4N 3M3
Tel: 306-789-0136
Fax: 306-789-0146
monarch homes
Box 286
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 3A1
Tel: 306-949-0290
Fax: 306-949-5344
munro homes
3045 Saskatchewan Drive
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4T 1H5
Tel: 306-543-2777
Fax: 306-543-8044