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Architectural Design Guidelines

The following architectural design guidelines apply to all new phases of residential development within Maple Ridge. The guidelines are intended to preserve the distinctive character and pleasing streetscapes of Maple Ridge, and protect the value of your new home investment over time.

Exterior Finishes

The front elevation shall be finished with brick, stonework, stucco or siding or combination as approved by the developer. If house is all stucco or siding then appropriate trim boards, moldings, detailing etc. are to be used as approved by the developer.


All colour schemes to be approved on a house by house basis.

Garages and Driveways

  • All homes must have at least an attached garage.
  • Driveway locations are specified for all lots as shown on the approved grade plan.


  • Front Yard: 6.0 m.
  • Sideyard: 1.2 m minimum, total of both sides 2.4 m.
  • Rear Yard: 5.0 m.


All house plans to be approved by the Developer—Maple Ridge Developments Inc. c/o Yagar Developments Inc., 3249 Eastgate Drive, Regina, SK S4X 1P4.

Two complete sets of plans including site plan and color chart shall be submitted to the Developer for approval prior to plans being submitted to the City of Regina for a building permit. One set of approved plans will be returned to the builder and one copy will be retained by the Developer. The Developer may at its sole and absolute discretion, waive or change in whole or in part any requirement respecting the architectural guidelines. Although the intent of the architectural guidelines shall not be altered, design criteria, exterior finishes and colours outlined shall be reviewed from time to time and changes may be implemented by the Developer without notification.

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